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Instituto Brasileiro de Futebol

BFUT FC – BFUT Futebol Club

BFUT is a member of the US Soccer Club league

Introduction: BFUT Instituto Brasileiro de Futebol - Promote and educate Peace thru the worldwide language of Football – Soccer – Futebol teaching the unpredictable and winning Brazilian soccer philosophy thru the BFUT methodology to develop future leaders on and off the field, adapted to the cultural and social factors of each country.

BFUT CONCACAF Center of Education – FIFA is divided in 6 Confederations: CONCACAF (North American, Caribbean, Bermuda, Central America and Mexico) – CONMEBOL (South America) – ASIA (INCLUDING Australia) – AFRICA – UEFA (European Countries) and OCEANIA. BFUT Instituto follows the same worldwide organization. Each Confederation is a territory for the implementation of the educational philosophy, because of the social and cultural factors to be observed and respected. BFUT CONCACAF territory is the first full operational educational Center. Located in Boca Raton, Florida- USA . The location has few advantages such as: Full year operation with good weather; excellent location with three international airports assisting more than 50 countries; Excellent facilities for Outdoor, Futsal and Beach training ; South Florida population : 2.2 million people with a combination of many ethnic groups providing a high quality of young players and the support by the parents. Quality of local, regional and international competition (Florida Cup, Disney Show cases, Y-league, etc). For high performance level Florida has the Miami FC, the Tampa Rowdies and the central operation of the US Soccer league, besie many universities Div. I and II.Based on these factors the BFUT CONCACAF Territory has launch it first educational laboratory called BFUT F.C.  

FC – BFUT Futebol Club is the branch of BFUT Institute established to observe, analyze and implement the valid criteria with its reliable methodology and curriculum to assess and enhance the quality of education and training to educators (coaches) and players.  This process will guarantee the ongoing quality assurance and the evaluation process. It is the BFUT educational laboratory in a daily basis application.

The BFUT FC Educational Vertical Integration is divided in three depts. (both genders – Male and Female) A. Development  - 9 to 11  B. Competitive: 12 to 17 years old  The educational procedures and practices are applied thru A. Development – BFUT official curriculum with lesson plans B. Competitive thru the Software – Futebol Made in Brazil

The first season for the BFUT FC in Boca Raton is 2010: We will examine the concepts which make Brazilian soccer so unique and successful, and take you step-by-step through the progressive cycle of education.  9 educational areas will be implemented during the year to each one of the 3 different Depts. 1.Sports Management 2. Sports Physiology 3.Technical abilities 4.Tactical / Positioning Concepts 5.Sports Nutrition 6.Sports Medicine: 7.Sports Sociology: 8.Sports Psychology 9.Sports Sociology



Our Current League- Caribbean American Soccer Association

The C.A.S.A league which we are competiting in this season is one of the most competitative and demanding leagues in the state of Florida. The league began in 2004 and is registered with Florida State soccer association. This league features the Haiti All Stars a quaterfinalist at Copa Latina and the very strong and defending champion Unity FC- Jamaica. A total of 14 teams will be in this league, playing at the Lauderhill sports complex mostly on Wednesday nights.